Abu Dhabi Ice Rink

      Abu Dhabi has an ice rink right in the middle of the desert. It is really worth to visit this spot for tourists who have come with their family on tours to . Ice skating lessons are available for beginners at the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink. There are lessons for ice hockey on the weekends at this Abu Dhabi attraction. A day is set aside for teaching ladies. A reasonable fee is charged for these lessons. Membership is available for three, six and twelve months. Ice hockey training and matches are on Saturday and Sunday. It is a great fun, but remember to take a sweater.

      Guests from all ages can come and enjoy recreational skating at the largest rink in Abu Dhabi. The facility also has a rink side cafe serving snacks and hot meals to suit everyone's taste. Figure skating is a featured activity at the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink for more than 10 years, and the rink has offered lessons taught by professional ice skating coaches for over 5 years. Skaters come from more than 15 different countries and Skater’s ages range from 5 to above 30 and skating ability ranges rank between beginner level all the way to Freestyle 10.

Location of Abu Dhabi Ice Rink

     Abu Dhabi Ice Rink is situated at Zayed's Sports City off Airport Road, Abu Dhabi. It takes a few minutes to get there if you're in the main town.


     Public sessions run from 10 am - 10 pm, seven days a week. The sessions are of two hours, with a half-an-hour break in between.