Parks and Zoos in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

      Welcome to Zoos and Parks in - Helping you discover Abu Dhabi’s best Wildlife Parks and Zoo’s. Since early civilization, humans have sought to domesticate and tame animals and zoos themselves have an interesting history dating back to the earliest farming traditions. If you are looking for information on Abu Dhabi zoo then you have come to the right place!  Abu Dhabi offers around twenty small to medium sized parks and gardens in addition to the beautiful attractions in Al Ain to explore during your visit to the city. Park listings contain location details and opening times.

1. The Corniche

2. Al Ain Paradise

3. Abu Dhabi Wild Life Centre

4. Al Ain Wild life Park & Resort ( Al Ain Zoo) 

5. Arabian Wildlife Park

6. Hili Fun City

7. Other Parks and Gardens

7. Other Parks and Gardens