Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island: A Treasure For The World

Abu Dhabi, a city in the desert with so much more to offer than meets the eye. Its majestic structures and its unique Arabian hospitality will sure take every traveler’s breath away. Most people who haven’t been in the Middle East have all these pictures in their mind about what the cities look like there. In the middle of the desert, and oil beneath their deserts, some might think that people there struggles a lot. Well, prepare to be amazed because Abu Dhabi is not your ordinary city. 

Abu Dhabi has become one of the biggest fashion districts in the world. The biggest shopping centers in the world are also found in the city. Abu Dhabi is also home to many firsts in the world with its ambitious mega infrastructure.

One more surprise from Abu Dhabi, the Persian Gulf, with its dazzling crystal clear water which homes several beautiful islands. One of the most stunning islands is the Saadiyat Island. The island is located 500 meters off coast Abu Dhabi. As of now, the island is currently being developed to become Abu Dhabi’s cultural hub

The island is just a five minute drive from Abu Dhabi and twenty minutes from the Abu Dhabi International airport and one hour from Dubai. The island is being linked to the main island by two major highway bridges. 
The island is being developed by the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC). The strategy of TDIC is to arrange for independent developers to develop a certain part of the island as long as it is in line with their master plan and rules and regulations. 
Saadiyat Island will surely become a traveler’s magnet. As soon as it will be open to the public, both locals and tourists will be awed by what its developers has to offer. Saadiyat is positioned to become a desirable , a flagship for Abu Dhabi, and a treasure for the world.

The island will be home to a number of museums. One of the most exciting attractions of the island, and has the world waiting is the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It borrows its name from the famous Louvre in Paris where it homes several beautiful paintings. And like the one in Paris, Louvre Abu Dhabi will also house many important remnants. According to its official website, "The Louvre Abu Dhabi will be different. Its unique museographic approach – displaying objects and art chronologically - will explore connections between seemingly disparate civilizations and cultures around the world. This is what will make the museum truly universal, transcending geography and nationality." The museum will bring out a new way of how the world will look museums and fine arts. 

Another museum is the Maritime Museum that will reflect and pay homage to UAE’s seafare history. Architecturally, the museum will have a ‘ship-like’ interior. It will explore the importance of the Persian Gulf in the past and in the present. 

One of the biggest projects in the island is the Performing Arts Centre. It will house all forms of artistic performance in the world. It will witness world-class performance as artists entertain Abu Dhabi’s guests. 

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, is yet another museum. This museum aims to immerse visitors and guests in the historical contexts and unique cultural traditions not only of the UAE but as well as its neighboring countries in the Middle East. 

Last but definitely not the least is the grand Zayed National Museum, the centerpiece of the island. According to its official website, the museum is located at an elevated area above the rest and the museum tells the story of the region’s history and the unification of the United Arab Emirates through the life and person of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, father of the nation.

Truly, Saadiyat Island has got the world waiting for the beautiful things it has to offer. A worthy visit and a trip that will be remembered by all is what Saadiyat is. 

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