Other Areas in Abu Dhabi

 1. Al Bateen

Al Bateen is a prestigious area on the western part of the island lying along the coast between 19th street and InterContinental Hotel. A well maintained and greenish road side of the Bainunah Street which extends from Al Bateen to the Emirates Palace is beautiful scenery. Bateen Marina which rests on the southern side of Baynunah Street hosts a number of dhow shipyards, restaurants and small coffee shops.

The Al Bateen Mall which includes a supermarket and grocery store is the only best place for trying out some shopping in this area. This place is home to several public gardens, parks and Al Bateen beach. Medical facilities in Al Bateen are provided in the Gulf Diagnostic Centre, Al Bateen Primary Health Centre and the Swedish Medical Centre. 

 2. Al Karamah

Al Karamah is a popular family area due to its proximity to both schools and the CBD with a number of long established compounds and good facilities. This place is the third residential area down from the Corniche and bordered by 30th and 2nd Streets and by 11th and 29th Streets. 2nd Street has got several small shops selling a number of items. This area forms the heart of  and it contains a handful of older villa compounds that have long been inhabited by expats and their families. 

 3. Al Khubeirah

Al Khubeirah is bordered by Al Khalidiyah and the Emirates Palace at the end of the Corniche. It is very close to the family beach on the Corniche and the Palace. This is a very popular and expensive location and it mainly comprises of local families and diplomatically sponsored families. Shopping enthusiasts can visit Spinney’s Supermarket or Al Marina Mall. There is also a great selection of restaurants in Al Khubeirah.

 4. Al Meena

Located on the north-eastern tip of the island, Al Mina (the port) area is a wonderful destination for travelers and residents to visit. Low-rise buildings, souks and markets are the main features of this area. The Fish, Fruit and Vegetable market, a Carpet Souk and the Iranian Souk are the attractions in Port Zayed area. Several hundreds of dhows lining up in the dhow harbour, off Port Road are an eye retreat. Dining in the nearby restaurants gives a chance to taste the local cuisine with seafood and grilled meats.

 5. Al Mushrif

Al Mushrif is a central neighborhood in Abu Dhabi city. Made up mostly of villas, it is situated between Airport Road and The Beach Road, which extends to Mussafah Bridge. It is home to Al Mushrif Palace, Al Mushrif Children's Park and the Women's Handicrafts Centre. The roads are shaded by overhanging palm fronds. The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, as well as the Ministry of Interior is in the vicinity of Al Mushrif. This area is also home to the Churches in Abu Dhabi.

 6. Al Ras Al Akhdar

Sandwiched between the azure Gulf water, the Emirates Palace and the luxurious Corniche on the western flank of the city, Al Ras Al Akhdar is adorned with scores of palm trees and long sandy beaches. Ras Al Akhdar, in Arabic ‘Green Head’ is a quiet, picturesque side of the city. This is the area on the north western tip of Abu Dhabi dominated by the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel. Heading past the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel towards Ras Al Akhdar coastal strip is a real pleasure as it provides fresh air, calm and serenity away from the busy and noisy streets of the Capital.

7. Al Reem Island

Located approximately 600 meters away from Abu Dhabi's coast, Al Reem Island will be one of the largest and most impressive tourist developments in the world. Al Reem Island is a residential, commercial and business project worth $30 billion on Al Reem Isle, a natural island. The project will be one of the city's hallmarks and a main tourist attraction.

The development will largely hold residential property, but there will also be some commercial space. The island will be connected to downtown Abu Dhabi by two modern bridges with a third bridge eventually connecting directly to the main Dubai highway. Al Reem Island will house hotels, restaurants, gardens, museums, an aquarium, amusement parks for children and a diverse wildlife reserve.

 8. Al Rowdah

With its imposing and well-manicured homes, Al Rowda is one of the most sought-after areas in Abu Dhabi. The neighbourhood is bordered by Delma, Mohammed Bin Khalifa, Al Nahyan and Karamah streets, and is home to a mix of long-established Emiratis and westerners. The buildings are large and bright, and parking at Al Rowda is plentiful.

The area is well-supported by Highland Supermarket as a grocery. There are also a few government offices in the neighbourhood including the Western Region Development Council and Emirate of Abu Dhabi Maritime Security Executive Committee. Schools in the neighbourhood include the Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls and Al Shohub Private School.

 9. Between The Bridges

The area between the Musaffah and Maqta bridges, called Between-the-Bridges (also known as Bain Al Jessrain), is one of Abu Dhabi's most beautiful localities in Abu Dhabi. A line of white yachts anchored at the dock is an interesting sight over the channel. The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri in Bain Al Jessrain is a luxury shopping spot for a handful of specialities and stores. The Bain Al Jessrain Cooperative Society is the area's main supermarket.

Fine dining options are available in the Souk at Qaryat Al Beri, Fairmont and Shangri-La hotels. The Bain Al Jessrain Healthcare Centre is the biggest medical facility in the area. Trader Vic Hotel is located between the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr and the Shangri-La Hotels which are very popular.

 10. Breakwater

Breakwater is an entirely man made land which is connected by a raised road to the west end of the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The area mainly consists of the Marina Mall, the yacht club, the many restaurants at the breakwater, Abu Dhabi Theatre and the Heritage Village. Marina Villas is an exclusive development at the edge of the Breakwater area, just behind Marina Mall. Located at the Breakwater Abu Dhabi, Heritage village is designed as a living museum offering a glimpse into the country’s past. It exhibits Bedouin tradition and lifestyle detailing a variety of local traditions. Several dining options are available in this part of the city. A quiet dinner in one of the restaurants or cafes near the Breakwater would be a great way to cap the day.

 11. Khalifa City

Madinat Khalifa (also known as Khalifa City) is a calm and quiet suburb of the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Madinat Khalifa has a growing expat community and is divided into two main areas, Khalifa City A and Khalifa City B. Khalifa City A which lies next to Al Raha Gardens is on the main highway to Dubai and 30 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi. It is close to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Khalifa City B is further inland and is near Al Shawamekh and Mafraq. The new Khalifa City C is planned to be between A and B. All of Khalifa City is currently being developed and it will become the new city center of Abu Dhabi. Madinat Khalifa A is the most developed out of the two cities with several villas already occupied. Khalifa City is a peaceful area for those who want to avoid the daily hustle and bustle and villas are huge and feature individual designs, colourful exteriors and spacious living spaces.

 12. Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) city is a mixed use development approximately 7km from the entrance to Abu Dhabi Island. This development covers approximately 5 million sq. m. with related infrastructure, landscaping and community amenities.  MBZ city is accessed from the Abu Dhabi - Al Ain highway and is next to the Mussafah Industrial Area.

The master plan includes new apartments, residential towers with additional commercial office, retail space and recreational facilities. The total residential population of the area is expected to be 85,000 upon completion of the Mohammed Bin Zayed City project.

13. Mussafah

Mussafah is an emerging satellite town of Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. It hosts one of the primary industrial areas of Abu Dhabi, locally called as Mussafah Sanaya. Steel and Engineering industries are the major thrust areas. Mussafah Shabia is another fast growing residential area in Abu Dhabi with several apartments, villas and shopping malls.